Himalayan Risk Research Institute (HRI) is an interdisciplinary organization and network of young scientists and professionals working in disaster risk research, humanitarian actions and voluntarily social works. We work in-line with the four priorities for actions according to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR).

At HRI, being an interdisciplinary resource base, we work at the nexus of scientific outcomes and implementing scientific knowledge at the grass-root communities. Our scientists continuously push the knowledge and effort limits to fill in this gap.


The main objective of HRI is to reduce the risk of impact of disaster from multi-hazard analysis. Our specific objectives are:

  • Identify, study and investigate the risk and hazards,

  • Conduct risk assessment, vulnerability assessment as well as the environment impact assessment,

  • Conduct preparedness activities that includes capacity building and development, training, seminar and conference for professionals, engineers, masons and all other stakeholders,

  • Conduct programs on public awareness,

  • Assist disaster risk research activities and also the researchers,

  • Work on the response activities in case of disaster situation,

  • Work on recovery activities like reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The ultimate goal of the institute is to contribute to make resilient societies, communities and nations in the developing world under the Himalayas.