Opportunity to be a part of HRI !!

HRI is building an inter-disciplinary national network of young scientists working in the disaster risk reduction(DRR) sector in Nepal. The aim of this program is to facilitate and mainstream young scientists in DRR research. The objectives can be further extended to:
-> increase awareness among young scientists in Nepal about Sendai Framework implementation
-> provide a discussion and collaboration platform
-> provide technical support to promising young researchers in DRR fields
-> provide and share opportunities for further engagement (e.g. conferences, seminars, workshops, training programs, social movements, etc.)

This network will facilitate our vision of organizing national young scientists in DRR conference in 2020.

To be a part of the program, please fill in the application form in Google docs and submit all the required application documents:



In addition to this form, you are requested to submit following items in HRI contact email. Please rename the documents to *your name_HRI_application:
1) Updated CV in Europass or other standard format
2) Copy of Student/Faculty ID Card (If applicable)
3) Profile photo (passport size)
4) A short bio of yourself (maximum 250 words).

Further information: [email protected]

It is recommended to fill the form completely and carefully. Give time and multiple reviews before writing the essays, which are key to your selection.