Geo-hazard Research

Geo-hazards are the most frequent hazards in the region in Himalaya. The research has an aim to conduct the scientific study on geo-hazards specifically, landslides in the Himalaya within the territory of Nepal. The project also provide the opportunities for young researchers and openly invite for the research collaboration and research ideas.

Research Lead: Kaushal Raj Gnyawali

Research Department: Natural Hazards Section, HRI.

Achieved Outputs can be found from the link below: 

Indexed Journal Publications by HRI Scientists

Urban Risk Study

Urbanization creates an opportunities as well as increases threats to people, infrastructures, environment, and economy.  Urbanization also exposes different urban components to the impact of different types of hazards. Similarly, the nature of hazards is different in terms of location, frequency, and intensity. Thus, this research project has an aim to study various risk components (i.e. hazards, vulnerability and exposure) in urbanizing cities of Nepal.

Research Supervision: Suman Chapagain

Research Department: Urban Risk and Resilience Section, HRI.

Research Components:

Component 1: Vulnerability Study [Ongoing]

Component 2: Risk Analysis [Ongoing]

Component 3: Urbanization Study [Ongoing]

Geographical Focus: Nepal